Monday, October 26, 2015

G'day all,

Its been 4 years already since my last post about my intern. Now I am a working man already. Guess I will start blogging for a bit now

Friday, February 18, 2011

intern la sgt.

sbb aku bz dgn keje intern, so aku xde nk tulis lagi aktiviti2 kt ofis dgn detail, for now. maybe lepas habis baru boleh nak sum up. adoi ble la nak bulan 7 ni.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Intern Series #2 : day2-day4


today will be SHE presentation day. helped producing a video for the presentation. not much to do after that since my boss is involve in the presentation.


got 1st task. to design a mean of transfering polyboxes within platforms at casting. had difficulties when doing autocad(dah lame x gune..lupe da).tomorrow will have meeting on choosing the best options with casting staff and PE staff. boss show me the platform at casting.can't hear clearly what he said.too noisy.back to office and start brainstorming alone. back from work, i noticed the portable autocad is on 64bit. still not bringing my i need to go early to work to use office pc.damn.


arrive early.b4 taisho start, i tried finishing the the way, taisho is morning exercise.the boss give more ideas to be presented @ 1500. 1230 roll on bus to masjid.there are stalls near masjid.lunch there.finished jumaat prayer, don't wait.doa on your way to bus or u'll be left there forever alone. @1500 meeting started.results partially received and 2 options will proceed to detail design. 1 option was asked to be taken in consideration. 1st detail design need to be finished by next tuesday.

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